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AIG Execs Show Us How to Blow 500K at The St. Regis

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October 7, 2008 at 5:59 PM | by | ()

Whoops! Looks like someone was a little careless with the spending!

We don't want to get too political here, so we'll try our best to deliver this news without any sort of...slant.

Days after the government spent $85 billion to prevent AIG from collapsing, the execs of the company took themselves on a special little retreat at the ritzy St. Regis Monarch Beach. And they blew $500K.

USA Today has a rundown on how AIG proved it possible to spend such an absurd amount of money at one hotel:

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., described what investigators found during a hearing this morning on Capitol Hill:

AIG spent $200,000 for hotel rooms, and almost $150,000 for catered banquets. AIG spent -- listen to this one -- $23,000 at the hotel spa and another $1,400 at the salon. They were getting their manicures, their facials, their pedicures and their massages while the American people were -- were footing the bill.

...And they spent another $10,000 for -- I don't know what this is -- leisure dining.

...Another member of the panel explained that "leisure dining" means they drank at a bar.

Well, folks: now you know. And we're guessing it's not so hard to run up a $23K bill at the spa with $350 treatments like the Mediterranean Harmony Massage, which involves two therapists doing double duty on your bod and ends with a fig-and-cassis backrub. Musta been nice.