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Another Reason to Avoid the In-Room Coffee Maker

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August 14, 2009 at 10:59 AM | by | ()

Quite often, hotel guests stay away from the in-room coffee because it either tastes like crap, the machine is difficult to figure out or worse yet, it costs money. But now there could be another reason to avoid the in-room coffee machines--they could really mess your hand up. From the NY Post:

Former Columbia University researcher Kristopher Karnauskas yesterday filed a $10 million suit against an Arizona hotel, claiming its percolator shattered in his hand, hurting him so badly he couldn't deliver a speech on global warming.

And what's more, the 27-year-old climate scientist claims he can no longer play his trumpet. His conflict with the carafe took place in January at a Phoenix Marriott, where he'd planned to deliver a speech on "The Response of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean to Global Warming."

A shard of glass severed a hand tendon, he said.

Thankfully, there's a new trend on the horizon in hotels to use Keurigs or other single-cup coffee makers in the rooms (see the Westin's Wakeup coffee maker) meaning we don't have to do deal with any glass percolators. But it will take a while for the big brands to get these installed in all of their rooms. Until then, you might be better off dragging yourself downstairs for a cup of coffee.

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