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Gage Hotel Keeps It Real

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  Site Where: 102 W Highway 90 [map], Marathon, TX, United States, 79848
June 13, 2006 at 2:21 PM | by | ()

There's definitely something refreshing when a hotel is not overly pretentious and touting outrageous claims that it will have a hard time living up to. The New York Post recently visited the Gage Hotel in the middle of nowhere Texas, well to be more specific, it is near Big Bend National Park, a place possibly hotter than hell. But for every place, therein lies the appropriate hotel and although here the weather may be hell, the hotel certainly is not:

It seemed an unlikely place to find The Gage, a chic hotel with a pool, elegant restaurant and beautiful rooms.

The Gage is classy and cute representing true Texan style, nothing else. They don't pretend to be anything they're not and they don't lie either, they clearly state on their website that some rooms have a private bath and others don't. The prices are anything but pretentious as well, starting at $69 bucks a night. And, it's a hotel made for playing around with stereotypes:

In the White Buffalo bar of the Gage, the Tex-Mex barkeep made us salty margaritas

Barkeeps! What fun! Sometimes you don't need a fancy schmancy spa and snooty resort; you can sit on a barstool talking to the barkeep while sipping back a cold drink and be equally amused.

Image via Pinky P/Flickr

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