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Say Yes to The Dress and To Renting Out This Resort for Your Wedding on 12-13-14

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  Site Where: 28500 Overseas Highway [map], Little Torch Key, FL, United States, 33042
March 24, 2014 at 5:14 PM | by | ()

Calling all brides and grooms: December 13, 2014 is your absolute last chance to have a wedding on a sequential calendar date in this century. You know what we're talking about. It started off with 1/2/03 and moved on to dates like 5/6/07 and 10/11/12 and 11/12/13 and now it will all end with 12/13/14.

As with all sequential dates, and palindrome dates like 7/7/7 and 12/12/12, hotels are ready and willing to help you celebrate your (extra) special day. We're sure to see a flood of offers and wedding packages as the date nears but if you're in the nuptial planning stages now, consider the Little Palm Island Resort & Spa in the Florida Keys and their jaw-dropping hotel buyout offer.

The hotel's ETERNITY package will give one couple and their guests exclusive use of the private island resort from December 12-14, 2014. That includes tax and tipping.

Marking the last sequential date of the century, privileged guests join the bride and groom for three full days of decadent fine dining, award-winning service and luxury accommodations, as the resort’s dedicated team of wedding specialists ensure all preparations are flawlessly executed. Priced at $195,000, the 12,13,14…ETERNITY package also includes a $5,000 resort credit, to be used toward a return stay on the couple’s one-year anniversary.

Here's the entire breakdown:

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The McCains Seek Refuge at the Little Palm Island Resort

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  Site Where: 28500 Overseas Highway [map], Little Torch Key, fl, United States, 33042
September 17, 2008 at 4:27 PM | by | ()

When he's not out stumping for the presidency, Republican candidate John McCain and his wife Cindy have a favorite retreat that takes them out of the desert of Arizona. And it sure helps that Cindy's got enough money to pay for it.

The conservative duo like to get their togetherness on at the ritzy Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys. On Jan. 20 of this year, the two camped out for a night in the Cormorant Suite, one of 30 on the private island resort (accessible only by boat or seaplane). But this wasn't their first visit.

The couple has love-nested two previous times at resort where President Harry Truman once stayed (wishful foreshadowing on McCain's part?)

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Forbes most expensive hotels in the US, and a closer look at Little Palm

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September 24, 2004 at 10:24 AM | by | ()

Not only did Forbes recently release their 400 richest people list, but the magazine also published a feature on the nations most expensive hotels.

When you got the dough you gotta know where to go, right?

What properties made the list?

5,000-per-night Mansion at MGM Grand in Las Vegas was at the top, and the $600-a-night Inn at Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina brought up the rear.

What do you get for all that money?

Privacy, service, and space.

Let's look a little closer at one of the top resorts on the list, Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys.  

Little Palm sounds incredible, until you hear the price tag.  Private bungalows complete with sundecks, ocean views, only accessible by boat or seaplane, hammocks abound, all of this sounds like the makings of an incredibly romantic trip.  However, the $1,095 a night price tag is out of this word.  When you have a price tag that high, you better be able to hold up to scrutiny, and the Little Palm in seems to have a couple kinks.

Supposedly, Harry Truman stayed at this resort, and some guests feel that Little Palm feels as if it hasn't been updated since the Truman administration.  Other guests claim that a better name for the resort may be Little-To-Do-On-Palm Island.  Now, maybe these guests are a bit harsh, or are not being imaginative enough with their time, but if you slap a 1k/night price tag on your resort you are setting the bar high.  We want free booze and free food at that price, at the very least, and at the most we want to be treated like American royalty.

But you say, aside from price, the Little Palms looks like an incredible place for that romantic getaway.  We would agree, and urge you to begin negotiating.  Do you really think every guest pays their $1095 rack rate?  Hell no.  So if you want to go, pick up the phone and start negotiating.  We guarantee your vacation will be an order of magnitude more pleasant if you know you knocked hundreds of dollars off the rack rate.

Good Luck.

Remember hotel mavens, report back to us.