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October 25, 2005 at 4:21 PM | by | ()

Pretend you are on the good old American road trip, but not the kind that requires a Chevy convertable and a friend named Thelma--just the normal NoCal kind, you know, one in your road-trip-car-of-choice, a Toyota Pirus hybrid, duh. On a weekday, in Mendicino-- oh, and you are looking for us to talk about hotels? Turns out what you drive really does impact your travel plans.

Susan McKinny, owner of Little River Inn decided all guests ozone-savvy enough to arrive in a hybrid car get the second night free --only on weekdays. This inn offers ocean views, Jacuzzis, and fireplaces in your rooms. Proof of car ownership is needed upon check-in. Not a lot of work for a great deal, hence their slogan..."A coastline so relaxing and peaceful that even cell phones refuse to work."

Wait, our cell phone doesn't work here in the Northeast, and our coastline is decidedly not peaceful.

Hey Toyota marketing wonks are you listening? First we talk about hotels offering test drives, now hotels giving discounts to hybrid drivers--do we have to do *all * the work for ya?

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