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Hilton Opens First Lima Hotel On The Low

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  Site Where: Avenida La Paz 1099, Lima, Peru
January 24, 2013 at 10:00 AM | by | ()

Somewhere between both the Orient-Express and JW Marriott opening in Cusco, the focus has been pulled away from Lima. It’s no wonder they feel left out, considering a hotel opened in December and the news got lost in the holiday shuffle.

Well, let's rectify that. Guess what? There’s a new 207-room Hilton Lima Miraflores, located in the capital city’s trendy Miraflores district, just 11 miles from the airport. This is Hilton’s first managed hotel in Peru and its flagship hotel in the country.

While traditionally courting the business market, this Hilton is different in that the décor is inspired by Peruvian history and architecture. Rooms feature lattice woodwork reminiscent of the country’s balconies of the 18th century, where ladies could see outside their windows but no one could see inside their homes. The original nosy-neighbor design!

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Libertador's Westin Lima Has Opened (Gasp) a Month Early

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  Site Where: Calle Las Begonias 450, Lima, San Isidro, Peru, 27
June 13, 2011 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

Presidential Suite

It so rarely happens but yes, a hotel has opened--no, not on time, but early. (We know, take a minute to compose yourself.) OK, so we had it listed as May 1 on our master list, but the Westin Lima wasn't really going to open until June and then, voila!, its doors opened, as if by magic, on May 16.

Not only is the property--the third under the Libertardor partnership with Starwood--ahead of the game, it's also quite dashing looking, as you can see from these photos.

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Best Western in Lima May Be Your Best Bet

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  Site Where: Juan Fanning 320, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
March 20, 2007 at 11:13 AM | by | ()

An FOHC--that'd be a friend of HotelChatter--just got back from an 11-day trip through in Peru. While he didn't enjoy being trapped on a boat with retirees, cruising up the Amazon, he did have a time and a half in Lima.

He dropped this report in our tip jar after spending a couple nights in the Peruvian capital:

In a huge city like Lima, a ride from the airport is a valuable commodity. The Best Western Embajadores will send a driver to the airport for you. Nothing like coming out of customs and seeing a sign with your name on it, held by a friendly driver. Embajadores is only 5 blocks from the best shopping center in town, built into the cliffs above the beach.

Hotel E is compact, very clean and well-maintained, and features an excellent breakfast buffet, with eggs, boiled yucca, a variety of breads, and Peruvian fruit. The hotel staff were eager to practice their English on us, and did very well. Miraflores is a well-to-do section of Lima, with plenty of shops and  restaurants.

From the hotel it is an easy walk to the long park built along the top of the cliff above the beach. Lots of joggers, strolling couples, and ice cream vendors on 3 wheeled bikes. For 58 dollars a night, this is a great bargain!

Just don't get your hopes up about the rooftop pool--our tipster's been in hot tubs that were bigger.

[Photo: Tripadvisor]

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A Peruvian Bath Butler in the Nice Neighborhood

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  Site Where: Ave Malecon de la Reserva 1035, Lima, Peru
October 19, 2006 at 3:49 PM | by | ()

You can go two routes when staying in Lima, Peru: sketchy neighborhood or nice neighborhood. We're going to go ahead and highly recommend the good neighborhood and its hotel, the Miraflores Park Hotel.

So you know the neighborhood is safe but to add to your feeling of well-being, it also helps to know that this hotel comes in at #1 with TripAdvisor. Past guests have appreciated the staff, hotel restaurant, breakfast, location, and rooms but what we find the most interesting here is the Bath Butler.

Bath butlers aren't very new but just in case you didn't know, here's how they describe it:

The very act of calling the Bath Butler suggests that you are preparing to lapse into a couple of hours of state-of-the-art relaxation and decadent, purely selfish pleasure.

The Bath Butler sets the scene of your choice - You might begin with a half hour massage in your room, and in the meantime, the Bath Butler is busy drawing your bath with your selection of bath salts, oils and soaps. The bathroom lights are dimmed and scented candles are placed around the bath while music of your choice plays in the background.

It seems they stop at nothing, no matter what type of soap or scent you want, Champagne, massage, you name it. The Bath Butler Package rates start at $480 per night and includes the Presidential Suite.

And all this time, we didn't think Peru was that kind of destination. But again, this is all the more reason why it's important to take your bath in the good neighborhood.

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