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Tree House Romance in Africa

May 8, 2006 at 5:13 PM | by | ()

Not long after launching their Bollywood edition, T+L has a new magazine called Travel + Romance.

T+R  has teamed up with The Knot to put forth all romantic travel stories including the "Six Romantic Resorts Close to Nature" ("close" meaning if you want to leave the comfort of your luxury hotel to check out some widlife, you can but you don't have to nor is it recommended.)

On top of the list is the Lake Manyara Tree Lodge in Tanzania where you can play Tarzan and Jane in one of the resort's 10 tree houses. Due to the limited lodging, only 20 guests are allowed at a time but there is a personal butler for each couple.

As for the wildlife, the tree houses are on the shores of Lake Manyara and offer supreme views of the landscape and the lions, elephants and ibex that roam it. So you and your lover don't have to pet the animals.

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Amazing Race 5 Hotel Update: Lake Manyara

August 18, 2004 at 10:49 AM | by | ()

The Amazing Race crew jetted off to Africa last night, and ended up at Lake Manyara in Tanzania.

Before they arrived at their pit stop, the racers were challenged to eat an entire ostrich egg at the Kavishe Hotel.  Now the Kavishe Hotel didn't look like the sort of place you wanted to spend your dream African safari, but it did look like an authentic African hotel.  While the Kavishe Hotels looked like the perfect place for an ostrich egg eating contest, the lush grounds of the Lake Manyara pit stop were probably more appealing to the weary race participants.

Lake Manyara sits in the midst of a beautiful national park that is peppered with luxury lodges and camps.  Looks like the perfect spot to set up base camp for a safari.

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