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Wigwam's Teepees Make the Quirky List

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  Site Where: 811 W. Hopi Dr [map], Holbrook, AZ, United States
August 3, 2006 at 3:54 PM | by | ()

This is the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Ariz. which recently made the list for the world's Top 10 quirkiest hotels (which was topped by the Ice Hotel in Canada, natch.)

This is one of those places you visit solely because its kitschy, Americana and interesting, not because like you actually want to get a good sleep or something:

the little rooms have incredibly clean bathrooms and the tile in the bathrooms is in pretty good repair considering the wear and tear but these babies have definitely seen better days. Our wigwam had an air conditioner reminiscent of the take off of a 747. Sleeping was next to impossible... The carpet is in dire need of replacement. The sheets were clean and the comforters were in great shape. Downside, there was a sizeable hole in our funny little window and cracks to match it. The 50's era furniture was a sight to behold if slightly shakey. But I have to tell you, would I stay there again? Hmmm, probably not.

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