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aloft Hotel Can't Get Aloft

December 27, 2006 at 12:03 PM | by | ()

aloft Hotels, the spin-off of W Hotels designed to reinvent the roadside motel, is set to open in smaller cities like Lenox, Mass. and Tucson, Ariz. starting in 2007.

An aloft Hotel has been designated for Harrisburg, Penn. and construction is set to start next year. Yet the plans haven't been all smooth sailing for the hotel.

Residents, while happy the hotel will generate revenue for the city, increase its profile and heck, bring some coolness into Harrisburg, are not happy with the hotel's proposed 13 story-tower. Ironic, no? One resident recently complained in a letter to the editor at the Patriot News:

State Street, recently and beautifully restored, has a wonderful turn-of-the-century feel that is the perfect compliment to the turn-of-the-century Capitol to which it leads. The hotel's tower, 13 stories, though thankfully set back from both State and Second Streets by about half the depth of the buildings on State, will alter the very consistent 19th century feel of the historic street.

Yeah, we're not sure that the aloft car wash or the aloha front desk will fit in with that 19th-century theme either.

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