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This Resort Awaits at the End of the Road to Hana

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  Site Where: 5031 Hana Hwy [map], Hana, Hawaii , United States, 96713
November 26, 2013 at 4:34 PM | by | ()

This HotelChatter contributor learned a valuable lesson and enjoyed a red-sand beach along the Road to Hana, but more importantly, he discovered that driving back to "civilization" on the same day would be foolish given the hotel that awaits travelers. Despite being a small, sleepy town, Hana is home to one (and only one) rather incredible resort, the Travaasa Hana.

Formerly the Hotel Hana Maui, the deal here is that you are transported back to the "old Hawaii," a place before all the concrete and cars showed up. While we know that sounds odd since we're talking about a resort, we were impressed by how well-incorporated it was into the landscape. Other than the floors of the buildings, the only concrete to be found was the path that led from the lobby to the rooms and the small walkway around the edge of the infinity pool. Otherwise, it's green grass, palm trees, and ocean views.

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Year-Round Sexy Hotels: Hotel Hana-Maui

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  Site Where: 5031 Hana Highway [map], Hana, Hawaii, United States
February 3, 2011 at 12:38 PM | by | ()

Nothing says "I heart you boo" more than a romantic getaway, but sexytime isn't just for Valentine's Day. So if you don't have time to catch one of the V-Day packages we're profiling this week, we're also presenting you with some year-round sexy options. Whether you're into raunch, roses, or Rosé, every day this week, we’ll pick a different property that we think will knock your socks—and who knows what else—off.

The Hotel Hana-Maui is the prize after a long, sometimes hair-raising two-hour drive along the twisty, turny Hana Highway to the island’s east coast. Many visitors arrive shaken from the one-lane bridges and narrow roads, but nearly all agree it's worth the temporary trauma. HHM is the type of place two overworked Type A’s could learn to love with its radio, TV, and clock-free rooms (though it might take a minute to adjust to the super-laid back scene and turn off the BlackBerry).

The hotel, on a bluff fronting the Pacific, is considered a Hawaiian classic since its 1946 beginnings. It has survived near-ruin from previous neglect, and picked up again after a much-needed renovation. Now the apartment-sized plantation-style cottages and suites have bamboo flooring, patios (some with their own hot tub!), and a traditional island kit of spirit-warding plants,kapa cloth-draped teak furniture and fresh baked banana bread to make you feel at home.

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Hawaii Deal Alert :: Hotel Hana-Maui Offering Deep Discount

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  Site Where: 5031 Hana Hwy [map], Hana, HI, United States, 96753
September 30, 2008 at 2:47 PM | by | ()

[Ed Note: Alex Salkever is the founder of Hawaii travel blog Hawaiirama.com and specialized Hawaii search engine FyndHawaii.com]

The Hotel Hana-Maui is one of Hawaii's palaces of understated posh and it rarely offers killer deals.

Set just above Hamoa Bay in secluded Hana (celebs like Oprah love the solitude), the resort is run by the same smart hotel company that manages the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur.

So, here's the scoop: rates for the hotel's most popular room category, the spectacular Sea Ranch Cottages, have dropped to $495 per night--a savings of $155 per night off rack. Add to that a $150 room credit for a total savings of $305 each day (per couple, natch).

The cheaper Bay Cottage Jr. Suite has dropped to $395 per night -- a savings of $100, plus a $100 credit, for a total savings of $200 per day.

If you still have cashola, you really can't beat this deal.


A Totally Indulgent Maui Stay

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  Site Where: 5031 Hana Highway [map], Hana, HI, United States, 96713
February 10, 2006 at 4:15 PM | by | ()

We love Maui just as much as the next person. It's a romantic island and makes you feel as if there are no cares in the world, except for whether you are getting odd-looking tan lines and sand in your bathing suit.

But if you want to up that care-free feeling and are rolling in the dough, then consider the Hotel Hana-Maui for a taste of what Maui was like 40 years ago.

This hotel offers private ocean-view whirlpools, cottages on the sea, a private beach area (10-minute shuttle ride), spa, and lots of couples on honeymoon.

But this Maui find doesn't come cheap. For starters the cottages are $795 a night and hamburgers are $19, which is not what we think burgers in Hawaii 40 years ago cost.

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Tree House Hotel in Hana

November 29, 2005 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

[Ed. Note: hmlauer also wants us to know that mixing booze and tree house hotels can not only be done safely, but it can also greatly enhance your experience. Enjoy]

It is being generous to describe "Tree Houses of Hana" as rustic, but nonetheless we had a really fun experience (probably helped by the amount of alcohol we had with us).

The particular tree house that we stayed in required a 1/8 mile hike up a hill into the forest. The tree house itself had three levels - one on the ground, which is where the firepit, grill and "kitchen" were located, a second floor with two bedrooms, and a "penthouse suite" with a fantastic view of the ocean. There are walls and you can close yourself in with mosquito netting at night (which is essential), but everything is open air - no glass windows. There is no electricity, so you have to get by with the campfire and candles at night. The bathroom is totally outhouse style, with a shower that gives you a lovely al fresco view of the surrounding forest.

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Hana Kai Maui Resort

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  Site Where: 1533 Uakea Road [map], Hana, HI, United States, 96713
October 10, 2005 at 11:01 AM | by | ()

[Editor's Note: Long time Hotel Maven dzot returns to give us first hand knowledge of the goings on at at two top Hawaiian resorts. Aloha.]

Tripadvisor is like your dependable wingman; the guy who stops you from taking that chick in the leather crotch-less panties home when you're nine Sake-bombs to the wind. While it's not necessarily the best thing to have around when you are looking for some hedonistic adventure, it will protect you from doing something you may regret, even for an out of the way place like Hana in Maui.

Hana Kai Maui Resort, is currently number 2 in Tripadvisor's ratings and is pretty clearly a high value prospect. It is referred to as a condominium and that may be factual with respect to its ownership scheme, but it's the kind of condominium that has a lighted sign in front advertising nightly rentals and little "no" plaque to put up in front of the word "vacancy" when the advertising is especially successful.

Hana Kai Maui Resort Continues Post Jump

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