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These Two Fort Worth Hotels Highlight the City's Now and Then History

January 21, 2015 at 1:16 PM | by | ()

Hotel Texas in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is well-known for its friendly rivalry with Dallas, one that pins the country feel of the former against the modern development of the latter. But there's a ying and yang within Fort Worth itself as well. Downtown Fort Worth is developing nicely into a mini-metro, yet the Stockyards remain frozen in time, a tribute to the city's origins as a town of cowboys and cattle.

Experiencing this contrast between city and cowboy when visiting Fort Worth is a must, and your hotel selection can go a long way towards achieving this.

Downtown's old Hotel Texas is loaded with modern history, while the Stockyards Hotel takes us back to the days of cops and robbers.

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Suite 850 Will Be Recreated Inside the Dallas Museum of Art

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September 20, 2012 at 10:11 AM | by | ()

In a new exhibit at The Dallas Museum of Art, paintings that once hung on the walls of suite 850 (pictured above) in the Hotel Texas will be gathered together for the first time since November 22, 1963. And if that suite number—or the date—seem significant, then you're right. It's where President John F Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy spent their last night before the former President's assassination.

The Washington Post reports on an interesting background story about the artworks: prior to the Kennedys' arrival, local newspapers had painted such a bad portrait of the hotel's "unremarkable" Suite 850 that prominent citizens rallied to fill the space with some impressive highbrow art.

And now the museum is re-assembling the collection in time for the fiftieth anniversary of JFK's death. Visitors to the exhibit will get to experience the exact same art that the Kennedys did in 1963, thereby re-living a unique moment in US hotel history.

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The Doral Tesoro Will Fill Your Tank

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May 23, 2006 at 1:25 PM | by | ()

We've seen a lot as far as hotel incentives. But here's a real sign of the times, the Doral Tesoro Hotel & Golf Club in Fort Worth is offering $40 gas refund through Labor Day.

This is a nice little bonus but we're not sure if the view of the Texas Motor Speedway across the street reminding us of our sorry situation, will really make up for the break in our pocket book (ok, some rooms do have views of the bordering golf course.)

Nevertheless, the hotel is sleek enough so enjoying your time in its confines won't be too hard to do. After all, you can't throw away that $40 incentive during your weekend stay by hopping back in your car to discover Fort Worth! How else will you get home?

Image via SterlingNorth/Flickr

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