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And This is Why We Hate Hotel Delays

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June 2, 2011 at 12:30 PM | by | ()

Some hotel folks say we are too hard on them about their hotel delays but there's a good reason for it---guests who make reservations, heck, center their whole travel plans around staying at a hotel, often get left stranded when a hotel decides not to open on time.

Now with the higher end properties, like Gansevoort South, guests with reservations are often made full aware of the delay and the hotel will also have them set up at a sister property.

But at budget properties like Candlewood Suites, it seems the reservation just gets completely forgotten about. Consumerist.com reports:

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Mold is a Real Problem at Camino Real

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September 8, 2006 at 9:50 AM | by | ()

Moldy hotel bathrooms are unacceptable. The case should bring up two scenarios, either to hire a better housecleaning staff or to put the money into restoration.

Unfortunately, the Camino Real in El Paso doesn't seem to take this approach. One past guest explained that she normally gives positive hotel reviews but, was forced to finally give a hotel hell review for this place. Normally not a picky guest, she switched rooms three times before giving up and realizing that the hotel was covered in bacteria:

Room#1 833
Horribble smell of mold...I would not even have gotten paid to sleep in there! MOLD for sure!

Room #2 1006
Smell not as bad, but still smelled, bathroom door would stick, I even got stuck in the bathroom until somone came in to push the door from the outside. Used soap in shower with hair on it and no hot water. 3 red stains on carpet and huge nicks in the walls. Possible MOLD

Room #3 1406
Still poor smell and many nicks all over walls and furniture. Crapet(yes crapet not carpet) in terrible condition, but best of the 3 rooms. No beds were comfortable, all old and outdated. Old sheets, pillows and mattresses, no luxury linens. Bathroom tiles cracked and filled with grout and dirt.

With 359 "Texas-sized rooms" it will take a lot of soap to refresh the Camino Real.

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Money Ain't a Thing for Mold and Bacteria

May 18, 2006 at 4:43 PM | by | ()

Considering staying in El Paso over the summer?

Well, a television news team went undercover at some local hotels to test out just how clean these places are.

The team tested three rooms ranging from $39 to $150 a night.

We found some stains on bedspreads in all the rooms using a solution that emits a glow...but they could only be seen in complete darkness....A large amount of bacteria was found on the pillowcases and bedspreads in all the rooms....All the remote controls were also covered with bacteria, but that's something you might expect. We also found a lot on the sink handles -- even in the higher priced room.

These gross findings were found in all rooms regardless of price. In fact the high-end room had just as much bacteria as the others. And in the middle-priced room, mold was found on the pillowcases and the bedspread.

Ok, it's official. With bedbugs and mold growing in hotel beds, and not just in El Paso, we are bringing our own set of sheets the next time we travel. It's just too bad the news team didn't release what hotels they investigated.

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