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Staying in Patagonia: El Calafate and The Glaciers

March 22, 2007 at 3:01 PM | by | ()

Travel writer Matt Chesterton who broke down the Buenos Aires hotel scene for us last month, is back to help us crack staying in Patagonia. As Matt told us, Patagonia lodging knowledge is actually more important than knowing BA, in some ways. For instance, in BA if you get stuck in a dodgy hotel you can check out and be checked into a new location within the hour. In Patagonia, you could be 1,000 clicks from the nearest alternative location--so pay attention. If you have a specific question about Patagonia accommodations, hit us on the tipline, or just comment below, and we will do our best to get you some sort of answer. Enjoy.

View from Eolo in El Calafate

[Photo: Iankalass]

Imagine the middle of nowhere. Now imagine a city rising there against the odds, built by visionaries driven by a strange blend of greed, chutzpah and sheer bloodymindedness. The city grows and becomes a tourist mecca, drawing visitors from every corner of the globe. Wonderful hotels are built to accommodate them. More people come so the old hotels are torn down and bigger, better ones built in their place. What started as a risky dream has become a lucrative reality. What a place!

But enough about Las Vegas. We're here to talk about El Calafate. Oh dear.

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