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Syrian Musicians, the Sycuan Resort, and the power of a meme

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August 2, 2004 at 6:56 AM | by | ()

Ya know those emails that one friend sends you about how the Swiffer kills your pets, Bill Gates will pay you, and so, and so forth?  Ya know how you then head to Snopes, disprove it and then send them the link? (or in my case you just delete the email).  Anyway, in the last month we had a real scary meme go around about possible terror in the skies, and in the end it looks like the alleged potential terrorists were nothing more than a group of Syrian musicians (led by the Syrian Wayne Newton) heading to the Sycuan resort near San Diego.

Looks like this resort enjoys promoting quite the gambit of events.  From Cheap Trick, to Crystal Gale, and if you hurry, you can catch "Vietnamese Night" on August 15th.

We know in this day and age we have to be constantly vigilant, and we do understand how Syrian musicians standing in unison as a plane descends, can frighten passengers, but please people, instead of going around spooking the general public with your crazy emails, at least head over to Snoops for a quick urban legend check.

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