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The Holidays Kick Off in Cozumel with Christmas Towel Art

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  Site Where: Carretera A Chankanaab Km 6-5, Cozumel, Mexico, 77600
November 9, 2010 at 5:25 PM | by | ()

Hotels are getting in a holiday mood! Usually around this time, we spotlight all the delicious holiday cocktails that hotels concoct for the season. Don't worry, we're not giving up the booze but we are keeping tabs on all the wonderful, wild, and in some cases, weird Holiday Hotel Decorations that hotels put up this year. Seen some great holiday decor in a hotel recently? Send us a snapshot!

Towel origami has always given us a good laugh from time to time, particularly when it gets a little kinky. It's been a while since we checked in on the towel art but thanks to the Presidente InterContinental Cozumel Resort & Spa, you can check out their new holiday-themed towel art--a reindeer and angel--in the guestrooms until December 31.

Fun fact: The reindeer and angel creation was actually conceived in a contest with the hotel's housekeeping staff. See the pics below for the runners-up!

What do you think of this holiday decor--wonderful, wild or weird? Let us know in comments below!

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Honeymooners: Skip Cancún and Check Out Cozumel Instead

Where: Cozumel, Mexico
July 28, 2009 at 5:29 PM | by | ()

When it’s time to cut loose, fun-seekers tend to head to Cabo San Lucas and Cancún, Mexico. But, for couples seeking a peaceful island honeymoon packed with adventure, Cozumel is the civilized solution.

It’s intimate enough to never feel crowded, yet offers visitors everything from nightlife in San Miguel to miles of secluded, white sandy beaches. Setting it apart from its mainland Mexican counterparts, Cozumel boasts photo-op worthy sunsets, privacy and some of the best diving reefs in the world.

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Cozumel Dive Resort Near Tequila Factory

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  Site Where: Carretera a Chankanaab, Cozumel, Mexico, 77600
March 3, 2005 at 11:59 AM | by | ()

If you are vactioning in Cozumel, more than likely, you are either a resort oriented tourist, or a serious diver.

For this example, let's assume you are a diver looking for a good jumping off point with decent beach.  You know so your non certified family can snorkel and sun while you head under water.

According to our friends at ScubaBoard you might want to check out Fiesta Americana.

It isn't a real "beach" in my mind because the sand doesn't slope out into the water, it is held back from the water by a wall. Of course, this leads to better snorkeling than you would find at a sandy beach, and the shore diving is worth the time too.

Oh, and rumor has it there is a Tequila Factory nearby--we are talking stumbling distance.  Is there such a thing as apres dive?  If so why not get your Cuervo on before tackling the possiblity of coming down with the bends as you hit 30,000 feet on your flight home?

Diver down.

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Democrats Flee To Mexico

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  Site Where: 325 5th Avenue, Cozumel, Mexico
January 17, 2005 at 10:34 AM | by | ()

While the Republicans are dancing in the streets this week, the Democrats are shoving off into International waters.

"The Denial Cruise" sets sail today, and will journey from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico hitting Caribbean ports along the way. 34 former Kerry workers boarded the cruise ship "Fascination" looking to escape the DC festivities, most are unemployed, thus cost will be of the utmost importance to this crew.

The first question that comes to mind is...where will they stay once they get to Cozumel? Yeah, we have a one track mind. So, taking the former Kerry aides fiscal requirements into account, may we suggest the Hotel Villas Las Anclas in Cozumel?

Villas Las Anclas is understated, small, quiet, which has some spacious suites situated along a shady tropical garden. Each suite has two floors of living, including a kitchenette on the first floor. Our thinking here? These folks can go to the market and cook in their suites, saving money on food, and allowing more money for tequila and cervezas.

The hotel is also only a block from the Cozumel Dive Pier, so if the DC celebration reaches to Mexico, the crew can charter a dive boat go out to sea and spend the day underwater.

Hotel Villas Las Anclas isn't fancy, but for $60-$120 per night, these folks should get all they need during their brief stay in Cozumel.

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