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An Alcoholic's Dream Hotel Getaway

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  Site Where: 9 Vicar Street, Coogee, Australia, NSW 2034
June 5, 2006 at 1:58 PM | by | ()

Australia and beer go hand and hand just as much as does Germany and bier.

So it's no surprise that you can actually find a hotel that has its own beer garden. Coogee Bay Hotel features a beer garden open seven days a week along with a nightclub, sports bar, brasserie and more.

If that's not enough alcohol for you, you can stop in the hotel's "Liquor Barn", a fully stocked liquor store. These people aren't kidding around.

We have to admit, we're semi-enthralled with this boutique hotel's devotion to bar culture especially after reading a blogger's take on the place:

As the jugs kept coming the conversations tended to diverge from the logical. I think I waxed lyrical for some time about the Coogee Bay Hotel's toilets and how they had mini-plasma screens above the urinals, showing movie previews. I understand they have the same thing in the ladies' (the plasma screens, not the urinals).

To back itself up with more than just beer, the place won "hotel of the year" by Australia Hotels Association Awards for Excellence.

But back to the goods, the rooms are fully equipped (mini-bar included of course) and if that's not enough, if you book with the "Weekend Stay" promotion you'll score 6 free drink vouchers to relax in one of our many bars. Among this feature the package also includes a Continental breakfast for which you'll stand a chance in hell at waking up in time.

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Drinking the Night Away

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  Site Where: 9 Vicar St., Coogee, Australia
September 27, 2005 at 9:11 AM | by | ()

Australia has hotels and motels. They've got B&B's and hostels. Of course there is always camping. So one may ask oneself, are there any cultural hotel choices on this island? There are, and they are called Pubstays.

Aussie pub culture has a quintessential frontier feeling one can only truly appreciate upon overnight stays. Unlike a hotel that has a bar, these are bars that have a hotel. Get acquainted with the locals as you sip Tooheys lager and chat to the barmaid. Warning: these experiences tend to lead to morning hangovers, new best friends, and often hazy recollections.

Some of these places are uncomfortable, some are overpriced, most are loud, and almost all of them are a true Australian party.

If you are looking for a place to crash near the beach in the greater Sydney area, check out the Coogee Bay Hotel. This place has cold Tooheys, cool crowds, plenty of overnight choices, and it is a magnet for the nearby Uni crowd.

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