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ITC Opens World's Largest LEED-Certified Hotel in Chennai

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  Site Where: No. 63, Mount Road, Guindy, Chennai, India, 600032
September 24, 2012 at 12:05 PM | by | ()

Looks like the old and new worlds are getting along just fine in India where ITC, India’s second-largest hotel chain, has just launched the Grand Chola in Chennai. This new hotel was designed and inspired by the architecture and traditions of the Chola dynasty, Southern India’s greatest maritime power of all time (interesting considering the hotel isn't on the water).

Towering columns and stairways, granite carvings and vast spaces are meant to make visitors feel like they’re in the presence of something bigger than themselves. It's a place that embraces the cultural traditions of the region’s past and sets out to transport guests back to a time where size and grandeur was a direct indication of wealth and power. The dramatic staircase at the entrance seems to scream "cash money millionaires", no?

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Amazing Race Hotel Update: Chilling in Chennai

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  Site Where: 1/ 24 G.S.T. Road, Chennai, India, 600 027
October 16, 2006 at 11:31 AM | by | ()

So far this season on Amazing Race, the racers haven't had much time to rest or to luxuriate in any hotels in Asia. Or at least not on-camera.

Last night, the troupe left Vietnam and took off for Chennai, India where their challenge is either to copy a pattern with colored powder made from rice or wrangling a crocodile with the help of some locals.

As usual with these challenges, one is extremely harder than the other but it ain't the croc wresling.The episode ends a little anti-climatically when host Phil tells last-place couple Dave and Mary that this wasn't an elimination round. This just means they will probably get eliminated in the next round.

But onto the hotel scene. We're not even sure we know where Chennai is in India but they do have a Hilton. In fact, the Trident Hilton Chennai is ranked #1 on TripAdvisor as most popular hotel. There's only six reviews but this place has some of the best reviews we've seen about a Hilton practically ever.

Room seemed freshly renovated, with blonde Pergo flooring and newer furniture. Bathroom was older style, but well maintained and with a good supply of large towels. Bed was very comfortable, offering soft sheets and lots of pillows. TV offered several channels (including: CNN, HBO, BBC et al). Most importantly, air conditioning and hot water supply is in perfect working order.

That last bit is some good news because don't you want a hot shower after you hot date with the croc?

For you SPGers, there's also the ITC Hotel Park Sheraton and Towers in town.

Skip on over to Jaunted for the full episode recap.

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