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Paging Miley: 'Tween Waters Inn Offers Sexy Photoshoot Package

July 15, 2009 at 9:43 AM | by | ()

So, first of all, are you aware that there is a hotel called 'Tween Waters Inn? It's on Captiva Island, FL — and here we were saying that The Atlantis was the official tween resort! Silly us. Sorry, Miley.

Second: check out this package. Undoubtedly inspired by the sexy photoshoots so popular with its hotel role models in urban settings (ahem, The Standard), Tween Waters Inn Island Resort — who advertises itself as the home of "America’s Most Romantic Sunset" because Travelocity told them so — is offering a "Boudoir Weekend" package between August 27 and August 30th. What is this "boudoir weekend," you ask? It involves a "sexy boudoir one-hour photo session" and a waterview studio for two.

Available either Thursday-Friday, or Friday-Saturday, this weekend (made for couples) is focused on a one-hour-long "intimate photo session with renowned Naples-based photographer, Vanessa Rogers" — and before it goes down, you get professional makeup and professional hair styling (and a continental breakfast buffet each day of your stay, but go for the fruit and avoid the carbs, please).

Um, we're pretty sure this is not like, a porny-photoshoot — just a little sexy couples activity. The package starts at $399; additional nights are an extra $100.