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"Haunted" Inn Victim of Mysterious Fire

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  Site Where: 11570 Hwy 9 [map], Brookdale, CA, United States, 95007
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Have you ever stayed at a haunted hotel, or had a paranormal travel experience? Comment below and share your story.

Northern California's Brookdale Inn & Spa, nestled amongst redwood trees in between Saratoga and Santa Cruz, has a rich legacy attached to its name. Famous formers guests include Marilyn Monroe and President Herbert Hoover, and in recent years, it has served as a music venue in addition to a conventional inn and providing apartment housing. Interest in the Brookdale, especially from a contingent of would-be ghost hunters and believers in the afterlife, remains high, as it's also said to be haunted.

Considering its past—which is equal parts nefarious and revered—speculation about the cause of a recent fire began to fly after the ashes had settled. The Silicon Valley Mercury News reports that flames began to consume the property late Tuesday afternoon, though the guest portion of the inn and its restaurant were seemingly not affected. Apartments on site, however, fell victim to the fire. Regarding the cause of the unfortunate events, the Mercury had this to say:

A maintenance worker at the inn speculated the fire could have been electrical because it appeared to start in a vacant room filled with mattresses. Some of the apartments behind the inn also burned in 2005.

The owners were working to restore the hotel to its 1920s splendor, when it was one of the most popular lodges in the country. The lodging area where people can rent rooms for the night had been remodeled, she said. Workers' quarters and one other building had yet to be completed.

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