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Unspoiled 'Hotel' Room View

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  Site Where: Eagle Island Camp, Botswana, Xaxaba Island, South Africa
June 28, 2006 at 12:09 PM | by | ()

No city skyline or beach for this view--just unadulterated Mother Nature in the wild.

When you stay at a luxury safari camp, like Orient-Express's Eagle Island Camp in the Okavanga Delta of Botswana, the view is of nature all around. The endless African sky that writers love to talk about is a nice bonus too, especially around sunset.

This is the view from a typical bungalow's balcony, as well as from the lovely Fish Eagle bar. This is not a static view, however. Hippos are often cavorting in the water, eagles swoop by, and dozens of other birds are usually perched nearby.

Just don't wander away from camp though: crocodiles, lions, and leopards are also wandering around. Meeting a hungry carnivore while not riding in a Land Rover can really spoil your day.

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