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Stayin Green' :: The Sustainability Manager at Boca de Iguanas

April 22, 2008 at 9:38 AM | by | ()

April 22nd is Earth Day so all this week we will be bringing you the latest news on Green Hotels. Got some eco-friendly news you wanna share? Let us know.

In the spirit of wishing everyone a happy Earth Day, here's a hotel that is definitely trying to do the right thing by the earth.

The partly-opened Boca de Iguanas Beach eco-resort in Mexico is doing its bit by appointing a Sustainability Manager to make sure the environment comes first.

Their Sustainability Manager, Lorena Vargas, comes from a line of organic farmers and then studied environmental biotechnology; good qualifications to keep this eco-resort truly eco. One of the neat things she's in charge of is the herb gardens that use heirloom seedlings (that means unmodified, "pure" strains of herbs, traced back over 150 years).

When the resort restaurant gets fully up and running these herbs should make a real difference to plenty of meals. Beyond that, the eco treatment gets into things like solar energy, gray water recycling and green on site sewage treatment.

The Boca de Iguanas hotel is offering a Romance package at the moment--three nights for $720. If you're not wanting romance, but just a green break, then now might be a good time to go. As they're still doing construction work to finish off the entire development, they're offering 40% off rack rates.