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5 Last-Minute Super Bowl Hotels For Diehard Beyonce Fans

October 17, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

We feel we should preface this post with a big 'but...'

Yes, it's true that Beyonce will be the official act for the Super Bowl halftime show this February. Yes, it will probably be a better show than whatever weird Egyptian thing Madonna did last year. And yes, even you, who's left planning 'til the very last minute, can find a way to see Beyonce perform and have a place to stay.

But (we told you it was coming!) don't expect to find a hotel in New Orleans proper, as, from what we can tell, they're all pretty much sold out. A quick look online shows that not only are our usual NOLA faves fully booked, even the crumby ones on the outskirts of town are unavailable too.

So, what's a Beyonce fan to do?

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College Football Hotel Map: Where to Stay Near LSU

September 20, 2007 at 5:14 PM | by | ()

The college football season is in full swing, so we here at HotelChatter are doing our best to help you fans support your alma mater in the best way we know how, with our College Football Hotel Map, a guide of where to stay when you attend the games.

Fans of Louisana State University's Tigers are die-hard and they are probably pretty psyched that so far their team is ranked #2, according to the AP's Top 25 College Football rankings.

However, fans might not be so psyched about the accommodations options here in Baton Rouge. Everything seemed to be very so-so. Actually, it's all pretty horrible. You would probably be better off staying somewhere in New Orleans. Then again if you like to party hard at Tiger Stadium aka Death Valley, you probably don't give a crap about where you end up later that night. Still, we picked three places that should probably suffice.

Our Picks After the Jump.

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