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'Man vs. Wild' TV Show More Like 'Man vs. Hotel'

Where: 53134 Road 432 [map], Bass Lake, CA, United States, 93604
July 24, 2007 at 3:08 PM | by | ()

Fans of the Discovery show Man vs. Wild better sit down upon hearing this news. Apparently, the star of the show, Bear Grylls, who has himself thrown into perilous outdoor adventures, is a big ole fakey.

The NY Post reports that Marc Weinert, consultant for the show (which airs under the name Born Survivor in the U.K.) said Grylls spent several nights in hotels when he was supposed to be fighting his way out of the wilderness.

For example, when Grylls was supposedly stuck in the Sierra Nevada mountains biting a head off a snake for breakfast, Weinert reports that the show's star actually spent the night at the Inn at Bass Lake where rooms have televisions, stone fireplaces, hot tubs and internet access.

Well, c'mon? You really didn't think this man might die in the wilderness when he has three cameramen and a sound guy following him at all times, did you?

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