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Swedish Hosteler Converts Jumbo Jet into an 85-Bed Hostel

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September 3, 2008 at 9:53 AM | by | ()

We've all salivated over those fancy first class airplane seats up front that fold down into a bed, but unless we come into an inheritance soon, we'll never get out of the back of the plane.

However, there is a novel way of sleeping on a 747--by spending a night at the Jumbo Hostel.

Gizmodo reports that Oscar Diös--a hostel owner in Sweden--managed to purchase a grounded Boeing 747, finagle all the necessary red tape, and convert the plane into a hostel anchored at the entrance to Arlanda airport (north of Stockholm, in case you're wondering).

If you're headed to Sweden in December or later, you should book one of the 25 rooms. WiFi and flat screens (showing departure times) are included in the 6-square-meter rooms. Private facilities, for the most part, aren't.

If you're feeling splurgey though, you should definitely try to nab the pilot's digs -- the luxury suite in the converted cockpit with a panoramic view of the airport.

We hope Oscar has better luck with his hostel than the plane's last owner, the bankrupt Transjet.

[Photo: Gizmodo]