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Movie Set Hotel: 'City Slickers' and The Ghost Ranch

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October 27, 2006 at 9:10 AM | by | ()

While we're not quite done with discovering what celebrities are staying in what hotels, we are taking a page from baby bro Jaunted's playbook this week by looking at hotels that have appeared in movies. However, we are eschewing the cliche movie hotels like those that appeared in"Pretty Woman" and "The Shining." Instead, we are looking at recent movies or little-known hotel cameos. If you happen to be a movie hotel buff, send us your fave appearances.

If  you find yourself hankering for the good-ole' days  when Billy Crystal made funny movies, then visit the Ghost Ranch which was made famous in "City Slickers."

The place is still open today to the general public as a Presbyterian-owned educational retreat. The ranch has everything you would need in a spiritual retreat. Beautiful views, ropes courses, hiking trails, a museum and a library. Plus it's a cheap stay--only $45 for dorm-style room.

The only downside (or upside) is that you have to book a seminar which doesn't have to be related to Christianity. Instead you can choose how to learn silversmithing and how to connect to your inner-self.

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