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More Cool Hotel Jobs: Elephant Camp Coordinator at Four Seasons Golden Triangle

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  Site Where: 229 Moo 1 Wieng Sub District, 1 Wieng Sub District, Chiang Saen, Thailand, 57150
January 18, 2011 at 2:07 PM | by | ()

All this week, HotelChatter contributor Eric Rosen will be telling us about more of the coolest hotel jobs out there. He reached out across the globe to talk to the dynamic folks who do everything from wrangling elephants (and guests!) to designing the latest high-tech gadgetry for your next guest room. So check back every day to see who he’s talking to next.

When we talk about hotels, which we do a lot of around here, we usually talk about awesome rooms, unique amenities, and cresting trends. But every so often, we like to focus on the people who make the hotels we talk about so unique, like Taweesak Keereekaew (Khun Wee for short), the Elephant Camp Coordinator at the Four Seasons Golden Triangle.

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